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Gaming Industry Training – Made Fun!

Our Purpose

We provide training for people new to – or changing roles – in the gaming industry.


It’s designed to achieve success in the role quickly, without investing tons of money or time into a personal coach!


All modules are optimised for mobile

All modules take <30 minutes to complete

Weekly 1-Hour online Group Coaching Sessions




20 minutes each



20 minutes each


Slide Decks

20-30 slides each



3 minutes each

How Long Does it Take?

90 Days.png

Complete ONE Module/week = 90 Days to complete

What People are Saying...


Drew Pawlak

EVP and GM, LatAm

AGS Gaming

“Paul is the kind of person who changes lives. He certainly did mine. He introduced me to the gaming industry in 2003, and I have had a rewarding career!”

Sean Evans.png

Sean Evans

Chief Commercial Officer

Atlas Gaming

“Gaming is the most exciting and exhilarating industry there is. But there’s a huge gap between the real world and existing training programs. This is very, very timely.”


Roger Hawkins

Chief Operating Officer

Competition Interactive (Virtual Sports)

“I’ve known Paul for over a decade and his enthusiasm to help others knows no boundary. I really like the Dolphins module. A truly engaging concept to improve working with all personalities in gaming and life in general.”

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