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Welcome to Business Bootcamp Bali or BBB for short!


This is for business people that want to reignite growth in their business.

Whether you have a new startup, you run a P&L within a business, or you're looking to spin off a new vertical, this could be for you!


We have structured a course outline that will both challenge your existing thinking and give you new things to think about.


The reason for Bali is to get you outside of your their day-to-day pressures and distractions. An away to a tropical island where everything is different... sights, sounds and smells. Everything is different. To help YOU think different.


This 5-day live-in course should make you feel confident, inspire action, and create inspiration. It will be a bit playful without being frivolous.


But let's be clear! While this will be enjoyable and fun, it's not just a jolly in Bali. The Bali aspect is just to help people think different.


This 5-day course (which costs AUD $2,500pp plus flights) we will cover:

  1. Finding customers you want to work and grow with

  2. Monetising precious leads into cash

  3. Creating growth on a budget – becoming a challenger brand

  4. Summarise your business with a Pitch Deck

  5. Your business plan: a powerful blueprint for growth


The course will be in this format:

  • One-third presentations (morning) 

  • One-third workshops (afternoons)

  • One-third social time to get to know like-minded people and co-collaborators 

If you'd like to come to our 45-minute webinar to learn more, fill out yhe form below...

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