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Our Team.

Meet the creators of GameFace. We are passionate about two things: the gaming industry and learning. The gaming industry is a steep learning curve, as any seasoned veteran will tell you. Part tech, part entertainment, and part investment banking, the gaming industry has provided an exciting career for millions of people around the world.

Paul has been in the gaming industry since 2001, first as COO of BMM Testlabs, then as EVP, Americas for BetStone, as well as two successful startups. Born in Australia, Paul has lived and worked in Las Vegas for more than 11 years and traveled the world extensively. Married with 3 daughters in their 20s, Paul loves trying to stay fit, hiking the Colorado and taking flying lessons.

Lucas is an International Gambling Investment Consultant. Citizen of EU and Brazil, fluent in English, Portuguese, Italian and Spanish, he has been on all sides of the gaming industry since 2008: professional gambler (independent and syndicated), and LatAm Director for several bookmakers and casinos. Lucas loves food, travel and meeting people.

Barry has worked in theater, film, television and digital media. He’s also taught elementary school – hence his passion for learning and storytelling. If you can teach a 6-year-old kid, you can teach anyone! Barry is a published author of novels, articles and screenplays. When he’s not working, Barry enjoys baking sourdough bread and trying to find the right wine to pair with his food.

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